Quick Service

A quick-service restaurant group had grown from their initial location up to approximately 30 company-owned outlets. Results were good, but change was approaching, and necessary. A franchising strategy was embraced, and Batali was hired to review the training tools needed to coordinate the upcoming explosive growth.

Realizing that onboarding and training tools would be needed for all levels of operations, Batali went straight to work. Training materials were developed and implemented for not only crewmembers and franchisees, but also for other key aspects such as site selection, financing, and marketing.

Operational training took many forms including bi-lingual videos and traditional manuals and tests. However, the highlight was the creation and implementation of a “mock” unit with all equipment and systems in place for hands-on learning. This “university” setting allowed for the rapid education of operators from around the country, as they visited Seattle to get to know the food and the culture of the organization.

In addition to the training, Batali oversaw all operations aspects of growth including franchisee evaluation, purchasing contracts, and national distribution.

In less than 4 years, the company grew to over 200 units before being acquired by a large international chain.

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